Wednesday, June 21, 2006

WIP- Lua in 3d

I decided to make a 3d version of my Lua image. Here's what I've got so far.


Dirty Secret: I am horrified of modeling asymmetrically (like a real sculptor would) so I am going to force myself to do it after I build all of her anatomy. Normally I make the whole character in the DaVinci pose, rig it, pose it and render, which is kind of overkill and a bit creatively stifeling (kind of like blogging in two languages).
ダーテイシクレーット:アシメトリックもーデル作ることを怖気を振るう。「さすがは本当の彫刻」。だからすべての彼女の解剖学を作ることから私は自分でそれをさせる。大体ダヴィンチポーズですべてのキャラクターを作ってリーッぐしてポーズしてレーンダーする。これ少し遣り過ぎや想像のために息詰まるような。「これに類する英語と日本語もブローッぐする」。 Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sketches and Doodles

Here are a bunch of doodles from the last couple of weeks.


Dirty Secret: These are just quick sketches so there a lots of anatomy problems.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunday Sketch

Not much to say. Just did a sketch with Purple Col-erase pencil.

どうということもない. 紫コールイレス鉛筆とスケチした

Dirty Secret: The sole of her screen left shoe sole is too wide and I was too lazy to fix it.


Friday, June 02, 2006

The next batch

I'm going to start posting these in English and Japanese. My Japanese is not very good and I need the practice. Feel free to point out any errors I make. Thanks.


Hey, here are some marker drawings I did last night over coffee with friends.


The first drawing just sorta happened. I started sketching a head, as I often do and next thing I knew I had the whole character layed out.


It took a little work to get the legs working. I had to redraw the screen right leg a few times until it lined up with the hip.


Don't ask me what she's doing with her hands. I kinda roughed them in loosely and left them alone until I was finished with everything else. Kinda looks like she's soul clapping don't you think?


Dirty Secret: I was really happy with the sketch lines and I bodly inked them only to end up hating the inking job I did. I gave it a second pass which only helped a little bit. Thankfully it's not so noticable with color.


This one's a tribute to Mr. Hajime Sorayama, known throughout the world for his sexy robot images.


It wasn't my original intention to do a tribute. But after I sketched this girl she reminded me of one of Mr. Sorayama's famous robot girl paintings. So I decided to turn my girl into a robot.


I remembered that the robot in the original painting was taking her bathing suit off so that's what I drew my robot doing.


The biggest challenge was recreating the chrome effect with three Sharpie markers.


Dirty Secret: I drew this totally from memory. When I got home and found the actual painting I saw that I had not matched the pose at all and I had completely forgotten that the robot in the original painting is holding a steaming glass of tea.


movin' over here...

Hey everyone. Welcome to my first blog (technically it's a duplicate of my first from another blog I got rid of). I'll post pics and tell you dirty secrets about how I made 'em... Hope you enjoy.

Here's my first blog pic. It's a sketch I did based on the Feb 2006 issue of SISTER 2 sister magazine.

It's Letoya, one of the original members of Destiny's Child.

Well, kinda.

I took some liberties with her eyes (simplified and enlarged them and made them more almond shaped). Not that her eyes aren't lovely. It was just a stylization thing.

"Dirty Secret" I had to repo her eyes in Photoshop because I drew them too low originally. They're still a bit wonky but I think they're okay.

I've been told by more than one great artist that you should fix your errors in the actual drawing. It helps you learn and grow. I believe that and try to apply it whenever possible. But time is money and Prismacolor pencils aren't always the easiest to erase. Still I may give it another go now that I have a scan of the original...

Hope y'all like it. Let me know either way...