Friday, June 02, 2006

The next batch

I'm going to start posting these in English and Japanese. My Japanese is not very good and I need the practice. Feel free to point out any errors I make. Thanks.


Hey, here are some marker drawings I did last night over coffee with friends.


The first drawing just sorta happened. I started sketching a head, as I often do and next thing I knew I had the whole character layed out.


It took a little work to get the legs working. I had to redraw the screen right leg a few times until it lined up with the hip.


Don't ask me what she's doing with her hands. I kinda roughed them in loosely and left them alone until I was finished with everything else. Kinda looks like she's soul clapping don't you think?


Dirty Secret: I was really happy with the sketch lines and I bodly inked them only to end up hating the inking job I did. I gave it a second pass which only helped a little bit. Thankfully it's not so noticable with color.


This one's a tribute to Mr. Hajime Sorayama, known throughout the world for his sexy robot images.


It wasn't my original intention to do a tribute. But after I sketched this girl she reminded me of one of Mr. Sorayama's famous robot girl paintings. So I decided to turn my girl into a robot.


I remembered that the robot in the original painting was taking her bathing suit off so that's what I drew my robot doing.


The biggest challenge was recreating the chrome effect with three Sharpie markers.


Dirty Secret: I drew this totally from memory. When I got home and found the actual painting I saw that I had not matched the pose at all and I had completely forgotten that the robot in the original painting is holding a steaming glass of tea.



Cheeks said...

your proportions are to kill for, Paul.

PaintMonster said...

Hi Poda,
It's not bad!!
I understood your Japanese!!
moreover, maybe it's better.....
1)Coffee time = コーヒータイム
This is English-Japanese.
If you did use this KATAKANA,
your Japanese will become more neat!!
anyway I think your Japanese is better than my English!!

by the way,
I love love SORAYAMA art very much.
because my student generation had full of his arts!!
and I love Marker art very much!!


poda said...

Thanks cheeks!

paintmonster - 教えてありがとうございます。Thank you for teaching me! You're Enlish is much better than my Japanese. You can have a conversation and understand English. I need a dictionary for everything.