Tuesday, January 11, 2011

modo renders and Picasa filters

A few minor tweaks for tonight. I tweaked all 4 images using filters in Picasa. Not bad for a free browser! I will definitely be trying them out more. The lovely ladies in flight are rendered in modo.

The first, is white diffuse with cyan spec and reflection colors, blurry raytraced reflections. modo's default SSS filtering red. One Directional Light.

Additional lighting, reflections and background provided by Mr. Paul Debevec's Beach HDRI Probe. Thank you sir.

The other two have all the same settings plus a color map that I Polypainted in ZBrush.
Now I'm off to bed... G'night.

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Bentan said...

Damn, I clearly have a lot to learn about setting up lighting in modo...

poda said...

Thanks Bentan. This is a really basic setup. I need to start doing more with my lighting. I'd be happy to help if I can though.